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Google may have made more sales in the past, but Facebook has the edge. Facebook uses a different advertising strategy than other websites.

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Google merchants pay to be advertised, Facebook ads are different in that they allow advertisers to understand their target audience. Facebook currently uses people’s likes and interests. Google uses keywords instead.

Facebook’s target audience provides information about their interests and advertisers can easily offer products that suit them, advertisers can effectively sell their products with fewer clicks and therefore spend less. 

Google was created as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, so the ad can only be viewed once when using the search engine. On the other hand, Facebook users tend to be blinded by ads, because as a social networking site, users may see your ads often, so advertisers need to create or design many ads or modify their ads many times.

There may be groups where Facebook Ads may not work. But it’s very effective for most people because it’s designed to ensure advertisers always click on the right people on their ads. This new advertising method achieves good statistics and new added value for users and advertisers.

What Makes Facebook Advertising Different In New Zealand ?