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If braces are not the right treatment for your teen, there are many alternatives available. For mild to moderate cases of crooked teeth, a retainer may be a good choice. A retainer is a small appliance that is worn in the front teeth and keeps the teeth in their correct alignment. It’s like wearing a band around your tooth that helps it stay in place. Some people also use retainers to help with tooth crowding or if they have multiple missing teeth. 

If a retainer is not an option, another alternative is Invisalign. Invisalign braces for teens use clear, custom-made aligners that take about two weeks to put in and remove. The aligners move your teeth into their desired positions by gentle tapping and tiny adjustments.

Over time, the aligners remove enough of your natural tooth to create the smile you desire. A few minor adjustments may be necessary after each treatment, but most people feel great after completing one set of aligners. 

If you have children who are considering braces, it’s important to teach them about all of their options. 

Teens are often eager to have braces put on, but they can be a big adjustment for both you and your teenager. 

1. Make sure that your teenager is aware of all the possible side effects of wearing braces and discusses them with you before making any decisions.

2. Be patient – it may take some time for your teenager to get used to their new teeth and braces, but eventually they will adjust and feel much better about themselves.

What Are The Alternatives To Orthodontics?