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School management software provides all the information that comes directly from the smartphone, which is always carried by a person and is an essential part of an individual's daily life.

From the start of the login form to the station's daily attendance statistics, it is now easy to access. Many functions are available for this type of application.

Availability of booklets for parents or guardians, avoid long queues at the reception, pay fees, review ward plans, get information on the value received from their ward, receive updates on all activities and even schedule parenting meetings.You can also use primary school app at

Schools or schools will also benefit from this application. You can create a well-managed environment for your daily activities that keeps the restaurant running smoothly.

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You can manage your payment system through this application, attendance can be tracked or managed through this application, where company employees can make vacations or apply for it.

The teacher or instructor can create grades for their students with the correct statistical charts and graphs.

You can update classwork, organize homework, schedule and curriculum for students, organize lesson plans, and update class completion. Even creating online exams is one of the added and most used features of this app today.

Office work such as awarding of transfer certificates, drawing certificates, grant definitions and distribution can be planned and monitored through this application.

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