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Energy-modeling is a computer-generated simulation of a structure or complex that concentrates on the energy use along with utility bills and the cost of life for various items that require energy, such as lighting, air conditioning as well as hot water. 

It also helps assess the return on investment of renewable energy options such as photovoltaics and solar panels, wind turbines, as well as high-efficiency appliances. Energy modeling is essential to comprehend the Simulacion energetica (in english, energy simulation) process.

Urban Energy Modeling Simulation

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The term “building simulation” refers to the act of making use of a computer in order to create a virtual model of a structure. In simpler phrases, the building is constructed using its components on a computer, and the simulation process is carried out by putting the building through the weather conditions for the entire year. 

Building simulation is the process of using a computer to build a virtual replica of a building. In a sense the building simulation process is an approach to quantitatively predict the future, and therefore is of great importance. Building simulation is typically classified into two groups: Load Design and Energy Analysis. The term used for building simulations where energy is used is called  Energy-modeling.


Urban Energy Modeling Simulation