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Man's great love for dogs is also manifested with his beautiful creations for his pet.

Before, pet supplies and accessories were never really given much importance and attention. But now, exquisite designs, careful details, and modern styles are now words used to describe pet supplies. One of the most notable examples is the classy line up of modern dog crates.

Baskets and boxes used to be portable and convenient forms of containment, but since man has so much inspiration from his pet, he has developed a collection of stylish dog crates.

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Growing in popularity today are the wicker dog crates. Made of imitation wicker, this crate provides more comfort and greater convenience. More attractive than the standard crate, wicker crates can also be great additions to the home's interior designs.

Today's pet crates have already been modified not just to serve as dog containment, but also become fashionable furniture pieces. Wooden crates are created to also serve a functional purpose. Having a reliable containment and at the same time, useful furniture is truly an advantage for pet owners.

Pets can use them as hideaways or refuge, and pet owners can place them in areas in the house that they want to design. There are Hardwood Hideaway crates available in various sizes and colors. Some crates can also turn into a wood nightstand. From being a cat washroom, it also serves a double purpose by turning into a nightstand or side table pet house for small dogs. Dog crates can also become end tables possessing both style and function.

Aside from wood, fiberglass also makes a good dog crate. There's a line of zen-inspired dog crates that are handcrafter from fiberglass which makes it ideal for indoor or outdoor use. features a good selection of wooden crates.

The taste of pet owners is now becoming more sophisticated when it comes to pet products and accessories. As before, the function is the number one priority, but now, design and craftsmanship are also given attention.

While the numerous stylish dog crates are really overwhelming, pet owners should still think of their pet housing or containment needs before deciding to keep up with the modern dog crate trend. The needs of the pets are more important than the design of their containment.

Modern Dog Crates – Fashion Meets Function
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