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The lead management system can be used to automate the entire lead processing function, starting from lead generation, classification and assignment, through to closed-loop contact management and leads status reports creation.

There are several CRM automation tools available in the market that can help close the loop. Nonetheless, it is necessary to direct the leads to the correct sales channel on time. You can look for the best CRM tools via Osmos CRM.

Top 10 Lead Management Software In India (Updated List 2018)

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You can also use the systems to respond to leads and update their status. However, the quality of leads, lead management methods, and the use of these processes to monitor lead reporting and establish sales accountability for leads are all critical to the success of these systems.

The marketing people categories leads as cold, warm, hot, etc., which allows sales reps to design their approach based on the type of lead and boost sales productivity.

A well-structured lead routing system can be leveraged to generate feedback on it. The lead management system can capture marketing inquiries and enter them into the database, which is cleansed and de-duplicated.

By ensuring that the sales channel is aware of the quality of the leads they are going to be handling, you can expect to get higher sales productivity.


The lead management system can only work when you have good quality and a proper lead management process in place. Use a lead management system to effectively exploit a lead generation source, develop a system for prospecting the source and capture the lead as a client.

How to Use Lead Management System Efficiently