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A kitchen can't be a kitchen without cutting boards. Actually, the cutting board has become an essential tool in our kitchens since it offers us a safe area to prepare food and cut. In modern kitchens, you can discover a myriad of cutting boards, varying in dimensions, shape, and materials. It is your responsibility to choose which is the best option you can use in your kitchen.

In the beginning, most cutting boards were constructed from wood, similar to the butcher's block that you can find at your local grocery store. Today, cutting boards available at are made of different materials with each having distinct advantages.

Wood has consistently been an ideal choice for cutting boards. Wooden cutting boards are constructed by a variety of methods, end grain boards are heavier duty boards that are designed for heavy chopping, while the edge grain ones are smaller and lighter for use in everyday life. 

The various patterns and spice options are individual design choices to decide which one will look the best in your kitchen. However, if you're a professional chef who uses the board on a daily basis with heavy use, putting an end-grain maple piece is your ideal choice. Additionally, any board made of end-grain will be less rough to use on the edges of your knives. 

The best part is that wood is durable, easy to maintain and attractive. Bamboo is also a well-known cutting board, which is actually a grass. They have gained popularity in kitchens due to their cost-effectiveness. One of the best features of these boards is they make off the sharp edge of the knife.

How to Select the Perfect Cutting Board?
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