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When you think of Facebook, most people think about all the advertising that is available on the site. Not all of it is as fun to watch as Facebook Chatbot, however, and it seems like Facebook is going to have to focus on making their chatbot services better before they can truly make money.

We are not saying that Facebook is stuck in this rut because that is not the case. The bottom line is that it needs to put more effort into improving its chatbot offerings if it wants to stay in business. This might mean updating the technology behind them or just getting the basics right and making their messaging experiences easier to use.

What happens when someone doesn't realize that they need to add an option to use a Messenger Bot? They probably just click on the Messenger icon and continue with whatever activity they were doing. It's one thing for Facebook to make a service user aware of the fact that they need to add a bot to the mix, but the fact that the options are not provided may be a little frustrating.

The options that are currently available are limited and they are not especially user friendly. The first problem is that the built in ones don't come up at all times. Another problem is that messages can take up to 45 seconds to appear. These are annoying enough that most users will give up and return to their normal activities.

You might think that the last problem with Facebook Messenger Bot is the bugs. Unfortunately, it gets worse. It can take a very long time to load the message that has been sent by the user, which means that if you want to answer the question that was asked during the chat you have to wait until the message is fully loaded.

In addition, many users complain that Facebook has very difficultly loading the messages and cannot load all of them. This means that they might have to go through a few hundred messages before they get to the one that they were looking for.

People would certainly prefer if Facebook didn't slow down the messages that they receive and that they could see them instantly. But, if they do become frustrated with this, they can simply go ahead and end the conversation with a message, hoping that the bot was unable to properly answer the question. While the next one might not happen as often, you should keep in mind that you might not get that message as quickly and can return to the bot's page without the issues that you would have encountered if you had opted to use it.

And it is frustrating to think that even the Facebook chatbots can't handle the basic requests that most users have. To them, they are the ones that are supposed to be able to handle the work for them, but this is not what most users need.

Another thing that users can do when they are frustrated is to try to manually send messages back and forth between the Facebook bot and the person that asked the question. This is also an interesting approach, but only if the bot has some smarts.

As far as the more advanced bots are concerned, they are just sitting there doing nothing. They aren't even responding to messages that have been sent to them, so if someone wants to make a change to their profile, they are left with no other option but to send another message.

It is amazing to think that Facebook can build a Messenger Bot that is capable of performing a wide variety of tasks, but they can't figure out how to properly load the messages that it receives. This might have worked when the Messenger Bot was a simple chat room, but it does not make sense to have to deal with the same problems when you are looking for something that you need immediately.

There are a number of improvements that Facebook could make in order to speed up messages so that they load faster. These things would include adding an option that would allow users to control the loading of messages, making the messaging experience easier to use and adjusting the bot so that it can use the features that users are already familiar with.

Facebook Messaging Bot: A Messaging Redefined