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Many women find summer to be contradictory. We may want to dress in clothes sometimes, but we don't always feel confident about our bodies. Do you want to confidently show off your stomach? Don't worry! These are some tips on crop tops that will make your body lines and proportions perfect. These keywords are important to remember:

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1. The keywords for petite girls are to choose a simple style. Miroslava Duma is the Russian Bazaar's fashion editor and the dressing apotheosis for petite girls. Can you believe that she stands only 1.5 meters tall? Impossible! It's impossible! Avoid layers and fancy patterns that make you appear bulky.

2. Keywords for paper-man: Make good use of your silhouette. Many girls dream of a slim "match figure". In real life, it is not easy for skinny girls to look like supermodels. You will appear flat and thin, which can make you look like you don't have anybody’s lines. Your shoulders will look strong and broad. You need to make good use of the silhouettes of crop tops, so "paper-man" is what you should do. To make the tops more attractive, you can use the lotus leaf edge silhouette to create a lotus-leaf effect.

3. Keywords for pear figures are Visual dispersion. Pear figures have a larger area between the waistline and the knee than other pear figures. This is usually a sign that girls with thick legs or large hips have it. To improve your body shape, you will need visual dispersion. Crop tops with "X" design are the best, while "H" is very poor. The "X" contour can create a distributed and coordinated visual effect.


Crop Top Tips to Build A Perfect Body Proportion
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