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The toy market is a multi-billion buck market.  Even as merely a little piece of the general pie, activity figures are large cash.  And they are not just for children.  For countless individuals actions figures are a significant avocation and for tens of thousands of tens of thousands, it is a livelihood.Yep, you can earn some serious cash buying at

Possessing a Buffy figure or a Willow figure is valuable to me.  The other figures are cool also.  I mean, Joyce, the mother, is indeed terrific.  And needless to say, Angel, that hottie!  The writing in the series was wonderful. I feel as if I understand these folks.  Well, the truth is I feel as though they're folks!

 In case you have an interest, whether it is a hobby anyway, then paying the cash isn't a big deal and should you recover or earn cash when you promote them then it is all for the greater.  If you would like to attempt and turn your hobby into a side business, you need to think long and difficult.  Nowadays, in this market, you need to choose whether you are able to make it. 

Perhaps, likely however long can it take?  Can you've got that thing sitting around for 6 weeks?  You've got to be able to honestly answer these kinds of questions or that company isn't for you. Though Buffy the Vampire Slayer has been off the air for close to ten decades, it is still a fantastic series.  They keep making new figurines and folks like me will keep purchasing them. 



Buffy the Vampire Slayer Action Figures