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Newcastle Asbestos

Either people don’t find it interesting or are too lazy to have some knowledge of degree about asbestos. However, it is absolutely important to understand what exactly asbestos is that will be helpful to us all. It can get confusing or difficult to learn or understand about asbestos with no prior knowledge. In order to learn and stay aware of asbestos, you can do so with the help of these FAQ’s.   

  1. When did Asbestos Exist? – Asbestos has its own history for its existence. In fact, the construction industry relied heavily on asbestos back during the 1940’s and 1980’s for building houses and structures. Moreover, USA, UK, Australia were the countries relying heavily on asbestos. When it comes to history, Egyptians, Romans and Greeks relied on asbestos to make basic items.
  2. What was the Reason for Asbestos Being Banned? – No doubt asbestos in the early days was regarded as highly popular. However, with research over research over asbestos, the popularity declined as studies revealed symptoms such as lung cancer caused by this material. This created fear where countries like Norway, UK, Chile, Italy banned completely on asbestos.
  3. Why was Asbestos Popular in the Early Days? – Asbestos back then and even today holds certain properties such as high resistant to chemicals, electricity, heat and more. These properties allowed countries to use on a wider scale. In fact, Russia, China and India are the countries who still rely on the use of asbestos even today.

Asbestos in Newcastle poses serious health issues. It is important to get rid of it asap.

Asbestos FAQs we should be Aware About