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Physical therapy is an important part of the treatment process for people with elbow and wrist pain. The physical therapist will work with you to identify the underlying cause of your pain and help you find a solution. 

In many cases, the physical therapist will also recommend exercises and treatments that can help improve your range of motion and reduce inflammation. Physical therapy can also help people to manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life. Physical therapy is a safe, effective way to help manage elbow and wrist pain. 

It typically involves gentle range-of-motion exercises to help increase flexibility and strength in the joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves of the limbs. The therapist will assess each patient's condition and prescribe an appropriate combination of treatments that can be done at home or in a physical therapy clinic. You can also browse to this link to avail physical therapy for elbow and wrist pain in Edmonton.

There are different types of physical therapy which can be used alone or combined together depending on your goals: General physical therapy is the most common type of physical therapy. It includes exercises, physiotherapy and massage to help the patient restore function in joints, muscles and tendons.

Structural physical therapy focuses on restoring joint biomechanics through strengthening and stretching of key stabilizing muscles , improving muscular endurance and strengthening weak muscles that are restricting normal joint motion.

Therapists also may use electrotherapy to stimulate biological tissues, including muscles, tendons and ligaments. Current electrotherapy treatments include ultrasound, radio frequency energy, low-frequency vibration and high-frequency current. These treatments are often used in combination because they have overlapping effects on natural tissue function.

Physiotherapy is a type of therapy that focuses on the body’s ability to move through space. Physiotherapists can help people who are experiencing chronic pain or weakness after a disease or injury heals by restoring normal range of motion, improving flexibility and strengthening muscles. 

Why Is Physical Therapy Important For Elbow And Wrist Pain In Edmonton?

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