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Buying a new dog can be an exciting time, and after you have named it and brought it home, it is time to make sure that you train the dog. This is important because you do not want a disobedient and unsociable dog in your home, as this can cause many problems such as biting strangers or damaging furniture.

For a happy home and a happy and well-behaved dog, dog training is essential, as it will help your dog to better understand your commands.

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How To Become A Dog Trainer: Things To Know About Dog Training

Different Types of Training

There are many different types of dog training such as obedience training, training that will allow the dog to perform tricks, and then there is training that is designed to allow the dog to assist the blind, police dog training, etc. For the most part, you will just be concentrating on obedience training.

Training a dog is not always an easy thing to do, nor is it quick, and it is important to maintain a steady level of training, otherwise you will find that your dog quickly returns to its bad habits.

Most dog training is either done on a reward or correction basis, and more modern-day training methods are beginning to shy away from using correction and scolding as a form of obedience training. Instead, the reward for good behavior is seen as the best way to train a dog in obedience without the risk of damaging its psyche.

What does Obedience Training entail?

For the most part, dog obedience training is centered on teaching your dog to respond in a positive and subservient way to a number of basic commands such as stay, sit and heel for example.

Why Dog Training Helps Create Happier Family Pets in Chapel Hill