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Dyslexia is often considered as the commutation of letters in a word or to see or write letters upside down. Although these two indicators can be present in the dyslexic, they are not always. 

Dyslexia is a neurological disability that makes learning to read, spell or understand, difficult. If you suspect your child has dyslexia, what should you do? You can even look into the online programs for dyslexia to detect dyslexia easily and early.

The answer is simple. You should test dyslexia. Okay, now you know what to do, how are you going? It is not surprising how many people have no idea how to test their child for dyslexia. The tests could be coordinated with your child's school. 

The school can have a standard method for testing dyslexia. If this is not the case, do not give up. The school reading specialist can have recommendations that lead you to a test facility or educational psychologist.

Another possibility is the pediatrician of your child. Although the MD will probably not have the resources or expertise to perform the tests, they can have sources or connections that can direct you to your child's tests.

In any case, the diagnosis should not (or at least should not) be a single session with the person tested. It should include interviews with your child’s teachers and will probably include more than one written or verbal test on more than one session with the tester.

Once the dyslexia test is given and you have a positive diagnosis, listen to the recommendations you get. If school leaders tell you that they do not have the right framework or staff to provide specialized instruction for your child, again, do not give up. There are specialized schools in the education of dyslexic students. 

What You Need To Know To Test For Dyslexia