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A biopsy is a medical test performed to look for cancer cells in suspicious locations. A radiologist or surgeon will usually perform the procedure. A biopsy is one of many follow-up tests that confirm a cancer diagnosis. In this article, we will explain the entire biopsy procedure and what to expect when you experience it.

Why is a biopsy needed?

A biopsy is needed when the doctor suspects and wants to confirm the patient's health. If the patient has other symptoms of the condition, a biopsy is essentially the definitive confirmation. If you also want to send your samples to the laboratory then you can contact considered a well-known sample collecting and experiment laboratory.

Biopsy: Types and How and Why They're Done

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In a biopsy, the doctor takes a small sample of tissue or cells and analyzes the sample in a laboratory. With a small number of cells on the table, the doctor can assess the presence of cancer cells all over the table.

Types of biopsy:

There are different types of biopsies, depending on the condition being diagnosed.

Bone marrow biopsy:

Bone marrow is a semi-solid material found in larger bones. In a bone marrow biopsy, the doctor uses a large syringe to remove a small amount from the bone marrow. Bone marrow is usually taken from the hip bone. This is a painful process and the patient may need to be sedated. A bone marrow biopsy is usually used to diagnose blood problems. 

Endoscopic biopsy:

In an endoscopic biopsy, the doctor uses a fine tube with a small light. Depending on the location of the test, this tube is inserted into the patient through the rectum, urinary tract, mouth, or through the skin. The patient's interior is then examined with a headlight tube. The tube also has a small instrument that can be used to take a small sample of the affected area for later analysis.

What Is A Biopsy And When It Is Needed?
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