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Express lanes increase road capacity and help overcome road traffic congestion. Instead of continuing to build lanes on congested highways, Express Lines offer an option that allows drivers to take the bus, airport, or toll road and be used as a self-driving route as an alternative to a free all-purpose lane. You can also know more about express lanes by visiting

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Express lines will be built alongside existing multi-purpose lines, giving drivers the option of choosing a new optional line. Toll prices are set for traffic management and having the right number of vehicles on track to ensure reliable and shorter travel times.

On some express lanes, toll rates may vary depending on traffic jams. As traffic increases, toll fees increase to ensure that the line remains a sustainable alternative for travelers at all times. 

On the other hand, the toll fee is reduced when the traffic on the lane is reduced. Drivers will always be charged according to their post upon entering the Express Line.

Express lanes work to move more people instead of moving more cars. With the ability to choose, Express Lanes reduce delays, handle traffic jams and save drivers reliable travel time.

The express lane is becoming increasingly popular as a tool for managing congestion in urban areas because it is a cost-effective facility that enables active traffic demand management.

What Are Express Lanes?
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