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Tire chains are chains you attach around your tires. Tire chains are designed to use the car's weight to dig into the snow or ice while you drive. It takes some practice to put on the chains the first time. Once you get the hang of it, it will become very simple. You can search online for the best automatic tire chains via

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Imagine gardening to see how they work. Imagine that you pull a weed with smooth foliage, but lose your grip. You lose your grip and the weed slips out of your hand. Imagine pulling the same weed while wearing rough-textured gardening gloves. This texture makes it easier to pull the weed up.

Alternately, you might try catching a football. You might have to use your hands for catching the ball. You will have more grip with textured wide receiver gloves. The ball will stop in your hands as you have a much better grip. Tire chains give you more grip. They won't allow you to slip or slide on the roads.

Tire Chain Law

Tire chain laws vary from one state to the next. You should know both the laws of the two states if you are traveling with your tire chains on. Some highways may have more specific tire chain laws. However, this is very rare. 

Tire chains can damage roads by digging into ice or snow just like they do with tires. The road is protected by a layer of ice or snow. But, if that layer is gone, the road itself will be damaged. You can also cause damage to your tires by doing this.

What are Automatic tire chains?