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Educational task

The educational task is placed in each educational institution. Even in the kindergarten. After all, education is a complex process, which focuses on the transfer of knowledge, ways of thinking, different norms from the older generation to the younger. The process has a different meaning. But in the end each child as they grow, needs to obtain certain skills, moral values, moral values that will allow us to navigate in life.

Who is Maria Montessori? The Montessori method in education 0

Who is Maria Montessori? The Montessori method in education

A school that uses the teaching method of Maria Montessori, can be compared to a small separate planet kids, which has its rules and there is no space of permissiveness. But kids learn to understand their emotions and feelings, gain skills and solve everyday problems. No one and nothing prevents to develop the abilities of the little man.


What to do if children do not obey parents

What to do if children do not obey? A topical issue of concern to millions of parents around the world. The problem of disobedience in children is not so terrible. First you need to calm down and stop panicking. Remember that the child is a person and has the right to Express their emotions and thoughts.


Spoiled children: signs

When you imagine a spoiled child, you think about the kid, in whose house a lot of the most modern and extravagant toys. But experts say that children's behavior does not define the property. A spoiled child, selfish, demanding. He uses a lot of manipulation to get what he wants.


The art of raising children

The main task of parents — to help your child become a person, uncover talents, and potential for life, and not to make it their copy. This is the art of raising a child.


To become a human, a child needs education

To become a human, a child needs proper education. The contribution of parents in the identity of the baby's strength and knowledge all depends on his fate: life, thoughts, company selection, and the like. First and foremost the child needs to cultivate moral needs. These include: responsiveness, ability to active kindness and installation of "do no evil".


Punishment of the child

There are no such parents who would not want to live with their children in full understanding. Many moms and dads are wondering how to raise a child without shouting and punishments. Let's try to understand why this is we do not always succeed, and know that you need to do to ensure that our house was peaceful and quiet environment.

The day of the defense: date, history 0

The day of the defense: date, history

Day of defense — a special holiday which is laced with hints of solemnity. It shows how important air defense forces that they represent. The history of this kind of troops — full of mysterious moments. It took many years to air defense forces recognized and formed as a separate genus.


What to do home alone if your bored children

Maternity leave usually the house there is so much to do that not nearly enough attention to children. And they are at this time do not know what to do. In this article we will discuss what to do home alone if your bored children, and come up with a host of activities that everyone will benefit.


How to explain to the child where you have to fight back

Today you hold a very tiny child who is not yet a year old. But it will take quite some time and he will go to kindergarten and then to school. But until then, your child grows in love and understanding, where no one will never hurt. What about if your child will hurt another? All these and many other questions you can easily answer by reading just a few of the recommendations in this article.