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My children

An abundance of resources for proper education of the child has filled all the shelves of bookstores, but still the question remains: "How still it is necessary to educate children and what they should be taught from childhood?". On this issue, and today we are going to work.


How to wean a child to bite? Tips for parents

In the life of almost every parent has a situation where his child was biting someone. Mom, dad, child, grandma or your cat. Whoever fell under the hot hand, or rather the tooth, it was unpleasant and painful. So, this behavior is wrong, and it must be fought. But how to disaccustom the child to bite, to avoid something even more unpleasant?


Patriotic education of preschool children on GEF topics

Patriotic education of preschool children on the GEF is quite relevant in the context of modernity. This is due to prioritizing material values before spiritual in our society. However, the education of the younger generation within the framework of respect and love for the Motherland creates a morally healthy, viable population.


How to raise a boy a real man: guidance, psychology, education and effective tips

Already at the stage of pregnancy, knowing that soon the light will be the long-awaited son, every woman thinks about how to raise a boy into a man. It would seem, nothing complicated about it — according to prevailing stereotypes, for proper growth and formation of the knowledge the boy needs a father's attention. And not just the attention and the direct participation of the parent in the child's life.


English dog breeds

Almost all countries of the world participated in the creation of their own exclusive breed of dog. But especially "productive" in this sense appeared in the UK. Today, many English breeds of dogs are success. Get acquainted with the most popular.


Application for kids: ideas and templates

When the child turns three years, it should be to engage in educational games, to learning to work with scissors and cardboard. Hard classes help to develop the baby care and diligence, besides it will not distract his endless requests to play with him. From the article, you will learn how to make simple crafts from colored paper and leaves and you can teach it to your child.


How to organize the physical activities and training for elementary school

We are always harping on the fact that physical activity is necessary and extremely useful. From the first days of life the baby doing massage and stretching. It is very important from an early age to stretch all the muscles and muscles. To six years the kids lead a very busy life with active games and exercises. The situation changes once the child goes to school.


What to do if the child does not obey you

What to do if the child does not obey? Every parent at least once in life faced with the disobedience of his beloved child. However, not everyone knows how to properly and without damage to the psyche of both sides to survive this period. As a rule, kids want their disobedience to protest or to show that they are adults and able to decide what to do. And it is not necessary at this time to threaten or punish them, as this method of training may lead to unpleasant consequences in the future.


Educational task

The educational task is placed in each educational institution. Even in the kindergarten. After all, education is a complex process, which focuses on the transfer of knowledge, ways of thinking, different norms from the older generation to the younger. The process has a different meaning. But in the end each child as they grow, needs to obtain certain skills, moral values, moral values that will allow us to navigate in life.

Who is Maria Montessori? The Montessori method in education 0

Who is Maria Montessori? The Montessori method in education

A school that uses the teaching method of Maria Montessori, can be compared to a small separate planet kids, which has its rules and there is no space of permissiveness. But kids learn to understand their emotions and feelings, gain skills and solve everyday problems. No one and nothing prevents to develop the abilities of the little man.


What to do if children do not obey parents

What to do if children do not obey? A topical issue of concern to millions of parents around the world. The problem of disobedience in children is not so terrible. First you need to calm down and stop panicking. Remember that the child is a person and has the right to Express their emotions and thoughts.


Spoiled children: signs

When you imagine a spoiled child, you think about the kid, in whose house a lot of the most modern and extravagant toys. But experts say that children's behavior does not define the property. A spoiled child, selfish, demanding. He uses a lot of manipulation to get what he wants.


The art of raising children

The main task of parents — to help your child become a person, uncover talents, and potential for life, and not to make it their copy. This is the art of raising a child.