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Some glasses allow the beer to breathe while others keep it chilled for longer periods. No matter what type of glass you choose, it is important to get the best Craft Beer experience. These are the glasses you should use to try different Craft Beers in Iowa. You can find the best things to do In Iowa when you search online.

American Pint Glasses- This glass holds 16 ounces and is wider at the mouth. There are universal beer glasses that can be used with all types of beer. It's a low-cost glassware piece that is easy to store and clean. This is why it is so popular in bars and pubs around the globe.

Imperial Pint Glasses- Imperial pint glasses are very similar to their American counterparts. They can hold 20 ounces worth of beer, and they're also great for all types. It has a small lip at its mouth. This imperial pint is a popular choice for Craft Beer in London and elsewhere in the UK.

Cheers! Unless That Beer Is Making You Sick Cleveland Clinic

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Pilsner Glass- This glass is great for pilsners and adjunct lagers. It is also ideal for blonde ales, bock, Vienna Lager, blonde ale, Japanese Rice Lager, and other lighter beers. The mouth is wider than the bottom and it is slim and tall. It holds 12-14 ounces of beer and keeps the complex aromas intact, giving you an explosion of it under your nose.

Tulip Glass- Also known as Belgian Glasses, these are commonly called Tulip Glasses. The bulb-shaped body captures the exotic aromas from Belgian ales and other malty beer. The stem allows one to swirl the beverage to increase its aromatic sensory experience. 

Types of Beer Glasses for Every Style of Beer
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