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Q: What is a Good Web Design Agency?

A: A good Web Design Agency will provide you with the service you want, the tools you need, and at a price that you can afford.

Q: How many hours per week should your web designer to be working?

A: Web design companies differ significantly in the number of hours they spend working per week. Some web companies work on freelance projects that they receive from their client's other web designers are contracted by large companies or businesses.

Q: Is it OK to hire someone who has no web design experience?

A: It is never a good idea to hire someone with no web design experience. It may be possible to get someone with minimal experience, but there is always a risk that the person is not going to have the skills and knowledge necessary to make your website successful. A good web designer should have at least one or two years of experience and at the very least have completed the CSS, HTML, Flash, and JavaScript portions of his or her web design project.

Q: What should I ask my web design company about my project?

A: Ask a lot of questions, as these will include a discussion about how your site will look in all browsers, about what keywords will be included in your site, how your site will appear in search engine results, what kind of site you will want to build and how you will monetize your site.

Q: Does my web design company recommend any specific tools?

A: Your web designer should be able to help you find the best tools for your project.

Q: Does my web design company give me access to the code of my site?

A: In many cases, your web designer will be able to tell you exactly what your page will look like without having to actually see it, and will be able to modify the code to make your page more attractive to you.

Q: How long should I keep my website as is?

A: Your web designer may be able to suggest ways to add new content, make it more search engine optimized, or sell advertising space on your site, but it is often helpful to have your websites kept in its current state for a longer period of time, such as a year or more.

Q: What if my web designer won't let me change my site anytime soon?

A: It is important to understand that not every web designer will be able to help you with all of your concerns.

Q: What type of support do I get from my web design company?

A: First, your web designer should be available on an ongoing basis, whether this is during the entire project or just for one problem.

Q: How fast will my web designer to make changes?

A: When your web designer knows the site he is designing will be used by someone from your company, he should be able to make changes as they are needed quickly and efficiently.

Q: What type of support will my web design company offer?

A: As long as the website is created meets the standards set by the search engines and other clients, the web designer should have no trouble helping you get it approved.

Q: What is the cost of hiring your web design company?

A: The cost of hiring a web design company will depend on several factors, including the type of website you plan to build and the number of people involved in the project, but in most cases it will be a small amount of money to cover travel expenses for your web designer and other costs.

Q: Is the price reasonable?

A: The price you pay for hiring a web design company should reflect the value you expect to get from the company's services, which is why it is so important to compare costs between several companies.

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