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The process of getting rid of bed bugs is by far not the easiest task you will ever need to do. It is indeed a long and complex process with so many options available out there. There is not a single simple method to get rid of them. Yes, it is a long process to get eradicates them but not an impossible feat.

Here are some ways that can be used to control bed bug infestations:

• Cover mattresses

Most people think that this is only a method of prevention. However, it can also be used to get rid of this creature as a bed bug mattress cover able to seal them and prevent them from getting out of your mattress. In this way, they can cut their food supply. If you decide to use a mattress cover for bed bugs, do not forget to close the box springs. Bed bugs can hide in crevices too.

Bed bug on a mattress

• Pesticides

There are natural and pesticide store. Various natural remedies can be made. General store of chemical pesticides has also been limited in their effectiveness these days as the bed bugs seem to have developed resilience towards them.

Diatomaceous earth

It is a powder that can be used to kill bed bugs. After a few days, you will be able to see it taking effect. It works by sticking onto these critters and dehydrating them. There are various categories of diatomaceous earth available – and some are toxic.


Tips To Prevent Bed Bugs