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With many types of tents available, choosing the right one can be mind boggling. If you are looking for a tent to use for many years, then a three season tent is all you need. 

Dome family tents are preferable because they have more space and headroom. If you want to buy personalised canopy tents navigate to

When it comes to deciding the size, a lightweight tent is always recommended. Always go for a tent that will take more people than the quoted size. Manufacturers usually overstate the amount of people that can comfortably sleep in a tent. 

So if you are looking for a camping tent for four people, you would be better off buying a 6-person tent. The price differential is usually just a few tens of dollars. 

Online sources provide the best prices compared to your local shops, but you get the best knowledge and advice from your local salesperson. You can also go to the local store and look at the different types of tents available. 

While at the store look for tents that have been set up, go inside and move around in them. Make sure you have enough space to move or lie in the tent without touching the sides of the tent. 

Tips To Buy The Custom Canopy Tents