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Human design is the idea that humans are designed, or have been designed, by a higher power. There are many beliefs tied to human design, but the most common belief is that we were created in the image of God. 

This belief has led to many arguments about what human design actually means and whether or not it’s an accurate description of humanity. However, regardless of your belief system, human design is an interesting topic to explore. To get more information visit

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The Theory of Human Design is a scientific theory that proposes that humans are designed, specifically with respect to their genetic makeup. Proponents of the theory claim that this design reflects divine intention and that it supports religious beliefs. Critics argue that the theory is based on unsubstantiated claims and lacks scientific validity.

The Theory of Human Design was first proposed in the mid-20th century and believed that people were designed in accordance with specific genetic characteristics, which he claimed supported his religious views. 

Over the years, the theory has been met with criticism from scientists and secularists who argue that there is no evidence to support it. They claim that the theory relies on unsubstantiated claims and is based on flawed assumptions about human biology. 

Despite these criticisms, the Theory of Human Design remains popular among some religious adherents and conspiracy theorists who believe that it supports their beliefs about divine creation.

Theory Of Human Design