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Chatbots simply are discussion robots. Scientifically, they are defined as a computer program that has been designed to simulate conversations with its human users.

The popularity of chatbots stems from the benefits it comes as:

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  • Several requests received from users can be processed simultaneously.

  • Requests are treated at a very fast pace.

  • Gain customer fidelity because of its effectiveness, etc.

Thus, it would not be wrong to say that the main reasons for using a chatbot solution are as follows:

  • Productivity facilitated by fast and efficient assistance and access to information.

  • Entertaining because they have the ability to originate with their answers, which allows people to move away otherwise, which would lead to boredom.

  • Social experiences have been improved since Chatbots help in conversations without being judged, improving the conversational and relational skills of users.

There are three types of chatbots below that are commonly used today:

Scripted Chatbots: These follow scripted paths defined when they converse. Thus, it invites the user to choose from explicit options to determine the course of the conversation. 

These options are presented as text, key, or voice response based on the type of discussion platform used and chatbot programming.

Smart Chatbots: Commonly called Neobot, this Chatbot uses artificial intelligence to perform its tasks. This makes it much more flexible in the form of an entry that it receives from the user, thus allowing the scope of the conversation with their human users. 

Chatbots application: They are also equipped with graphical user interfaces like their other counterparts and therefore have the ability to interact with their human users. 

This offers a huge opportunity for Chatbot developers who can more to make these chatbots tasks more innovatively.

The Conversational Ability Of Chatting Robots