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Fibromyalgia can be overlooked or misdiagnosed for any range of factors. There are no definitive blood tests or X-rays to diagnose Fibromyalgia and it shares symptoms with a number of different ailments and ailments. You can take your liver panel blood test at

Diagnosing Fibromyalgia is a mixture of carrying the patient's symptom history, a physical examination analyzing the Patient's Trigger Factors, and exclusion. Occasionally people are diagnosed with Fibromyalgia since their physician failed to conduct the required tests to discover another and possibly considerable illness.

You've every right as a patient to ask your doctor to check you for All the following:

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

There is not now a blood test for this illness, but they recently found that CFS is due to autoimmune disease and that I guess there'll be a blood test coming. Speak with Your Doctor about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

  • Hepatitis B & C
  • Easily analyzed to get a blood test
  • Lyme Diseases


There is not a definitive test for Lupus nevertheless your physician should conduct an ANTI NUCLEAR ANTIBODY Exam. In case you've got high autoimmune activity in your bloodstream (a characteristic of Lupus), this evaluation will discover it.

Multiple Sclerosis

MS can also be tough to diagnose, nevertheless, they do utilize MRI to check for MS. While you should not run off and find an MRI just yet, speak with your physician about Multiple Sclerosis.

VITAMIN D: Check your D amounts. Vitamin D would be the Sunshine Vitamin. Consult your physician to conduct the vitamin D evaluation that assesses both the D3 and D2 levels.

Tests Your Doctor Should Run in the Course of Your Treatment
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