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Certain insurers of life are more strict than others with regards to smoking. I'll go over this in a minute. Before that, let's look at why the majority of insurance companies offer premiums for smokers.
There are thousands of people who die every year in 2022 due to smoking-related illnesses. Lung cancer is the most frequent type that causes cancer in the United States. 
All insurance companies provide special plans for smokers, and finding a health plan with useful features is not difficult. Smoking cigarettes is the primary cause of lung cancer. You can also find useful information on whole life insurance policies for smokers in 2022, with their rates and charts Compassion
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Smoking cigarettes can also cause heart disease and the hardening and enlargement of the arteries. Nicotine and tar from cigarettes raise blood cholesterol, causing the blood to become sticky, which leads to the formation of blood clots.
This is precisely the reason that the majority of insurance companies have very high costs for smokers and the best option you can make for yourself, your pocket, and your loved ones are to stop.
It doesn't matter if you have to purchase three different nicotine replacements to make use of. Take whatever steps you need to protect your health and save your life.
If you are unable to quit and you want to reduce the cost of the life insurance you need, then some firms don't consider smoking in their underwriting process. Certain companies will consider smoking cigarettes that are smoke-free as non-smokers. 
Smokers’ Life Insurance and How to Get the Best Rate
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