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Snore is a sleeping disorder that's characterized by unusual pauses from the breathing pattern, or instances of low breathing while sleeping. Each pause between consecutive breaths is called an"apnea" – a word derived from the Greek word"apnoea" which means"without breath".

In the case of normal breathing, then the frequency of snoring is regular and constant. Individuals suffering from the disease often do not understand they have it. Certain symptoms may ascertain whether the person is suffering from the disorder. So that you can have the best treatment of sleeping disorders in Austin.


Symptoms signaling a possible ailment are:

  • Fatigue

  • Morning headaches

  • reduction in memory

  • Difficulty in learning new items

  • Irritability

  • Inability to concentrate for long

  • Depressions

  • Mood swings and/or character changes

  • Dry throat when waking

  • Frequent urination during the night

The treatment for the sleeping disorder varies in accordance with the degree to which the individual is affected by this. Generally, the treatment can be administered in the form of therapies and surgeries depending upon just how much the disorder affects the individual.

The main objective of anti-snoring-related surgery is to remove any excess cells from the nose or the throat which may be resulting in the blockage of the air passage. During this surgical procedure, excess tissue is removed from the back of the mouth, and also by the surface of the throat. 

Sleep Apnea Treatment In Austin