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  1. You have problems focusing. Anxiety brings about a lot of negative feelings, and it can also affect your ability to focus. If you’re suffering from severe GAD disorder symptoms, you might find yourself having trouble focusing on the most simple tasks and failing to complete them.

  1. You doubt yourself more than you should. Second-guessing and constant self-doubt are both common features of anxiety disorders. These “doubt attacks” usually occur when you have a question that can’t be answered. People with anxiety disorders can also be extremely self-conscious, which can make it difficult for them to advance at work or meet new people.

  2. You are prone to negative thinking. Those suffering from generalized anxiety disorder almost always automatically anticipate a negative outcome to everything—personal or professional life, health, or financial matters. If your thoughts are negative at all times, then the problem may be an anxiety problem.

Here are some ways you can do to calm yourself:

  • Distract yourself with good visuals. Look at something that can make you smile; it can be an old photo, a beautiful view, cute animal pictures on the internet.

  • Listen to your favorite song or put on soothing music. A beautiful, calming, meditative sound of nature can also do the trick.

  • Have an aromatherapy session by lighting scented candles, or spraying your favorite perfume. Or go out and breathe fresh air.

  • Have a quick neck massage. Neck and shoulder exercises can also help release muscle tension, making you feel more relaxed.

  • Go for a walk, or stand up from your chair and do some stretches. Shaking off your hands or jumping up and down gently, can also help alternatively.

Signs And Some Ways To Treat Your Generalized Anxiety Disorder