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With its glossy black surface, shungite is a lightweight mineraloid rock consisting mostly of carbon (about 98%). Although shungite is widely used as a healing crystal, it is not scientifically classified as a crystal because it lacks a crystal lattice structure. However, this does not mean that shungite lacks important healing properties.

Shungite doesn't need to be watched much. In their polished form, they are opaque and black with a slight shine on the surface. You can also look for shungite water kit online.

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The stone is found mainly in Russia, where it has been used to purify water for centuries. And just like removing impurities from water during the purification process, shungite can purify energy when you use it as a healing stone.

The jet black color of shungite absorbs negative energy, allowing you to focus on more positive activities. This is especially important in 2020 given the challenges facing humanity this year. Additional healing properties of shungite are:

  • Direct your energies
  • Protection against negative energies
  • Balance with positive energy
  • Purification or purification of negative or toxic energy
  • Relief from anxiety and stress

The morning shungite meditation will keep you grounded and centered throughout the day. Getting grounded is especially important during difficult times because it can help you feel more relaxed and focused, which reduces anxiety, increases positive energy, and maintains general physical, mental and emotional health.

Shungites Physical and Healing Properties