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Fill each jar or bottle with the substrate and sterilize it in a pressure pan until the water boils on the stove. However, always make sure that no boiling water enters the glass.

Reduce heat quickly when the water reaches the glass level. Turn off the heater after sterilizing the glass for about an hour or more. Allow the glass to cool on the stove or pan and leave it for at least four to five hours.

Remove the glasses from the stove. Take a syringe full of magic mushrooms and shake it well so that all substances are distributed evenly inside the syringe. You can also buy mushrooms online in Canada.

Inject spore fluid directly into the substrate in each tube in four different locations. Make sure there are no spores on the inside of the glasses and clean each glass properly before placing it in a dry but dark place with little heat.

This happens because spores need time to germinate into live mycelium which fills each jar. This step is called incubation. Right after three or four days of inoculation, the glasses are filled with small white spots.

These are growing spores that are ready to become living mycelium. For anyone who is still confused about how to plant magic mushrooms, it's better to understand each step in detail.

This is followed by an incubation period in which each vessel is overturned and all mycelium which has germinated or colonized is removed from each ship along with the substrate.

Right Procedure To Grow Magic Mushrooms
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