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Mice are similar to humans in that they prefer the outside environment when the weather conditions are good. However, when the seasons change and the weather brought cooler temperatures and rainfall, mice seek shelter space and home. If you live in an area where a moderate climate, winter is when the rat infestation occurs mostly mice deletion and services performed.

Homeowners and property managers must follow a few guidelines to make sure the rat problem does not occur on their property. Mice are interested in all kinds of food (generally any human would eat) and they have a keen sense of smell.

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The best way is to seal any unpackaged foods, especially foods rich in sugar, to stop the release of food aroma is of interest nearby mice. Mice can smell food from far enough big.

Also, particles and crumbs of food, even if they are on the dishes in the sink, must be cleaned and disposed of in the trash safe. These small crumbs can send rats running from a mile to seize the smallest crumb. They are a perfect food source for rats to feed on. Keep pet food stored safely in the bin with a lid or cover. Mice can be dropped petals that are not securely fastened to the trash.

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