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Every photographer must master lighting. Understanding how to light your subject is crucial for any type of photography, from studio photography to outdoor weddings.

Lighting is important for creating the right mood in a photo. There are many lighting products that are available in the market or you can buy it online through These important concepts will help you present your subject in the best light possible in any situation.

You should use the environment. Unless you are shooting in a studio you will have to adapt to the lighting conditions at your location. When photographing outdoors, face your subject toward the sun. If it is cloudy or overcast, you can still photograph your subject in any direction.

Three-point lighting is essential for professional studio setups and for on-location shoots. Three sources of light should be considered when lighting your subject.

Key light: This is your primary light source. It will be recognized as the visible source of light in your image.

Fill light: This is a soft background light that helps reduce the appearance of dark shadows. It will also give your image more variety. The fill light is usually half the brightness of the key light. Reflectors are useful to control shadows and direct light.

Rim light: The rim light, also known as the backlight, is placed behind the subject. To make your subject stand out from the background, the backlight creates a "highlighting" effect.

Professional Lighting Tips for Your Photos