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Gifts for 11 years old boy

Gifts for 11 years old boy: cars radio control, helicopters, inertial, educational games, water Park, hike with friends, a trip, a special cake with mastic figures etc. To the birthday child remember, need to make such a gift, of which he had dreamed for a very long time. What Teens like, consider in the article.


When it's a difficult age

Teens are tender and aggressive at the same time. Hard age usually starts from the age of 13. When this period ends it is difficult to say for sure. It all depends on the personality, its world view and attitudes of others.


The teenager does not want to learn

Quite often the family conflicts of interests of parents and children, especially when the latter cross the age limit at 12 years. As a rule, the topic of study becomes a stumbling block in understanding between a teenager and his father and mother.


What are the nicknames of girls you can think of

Modern communication provides for the establishment of various accounts in toys, social networks, or on thematic portals. Like coming up with aliases for the girls, you should pay attention to not to sound too cheeky or boring? Many girls our age looking for the numbers of "likes" their photos, messages on the walls in "Vkontakte" and "Classmates". How to attract attention and not look stupid, read our article.


Whom can you work at age 14? Learn

Many parents believe that work for their minor children after school, on weekends or for the summer period is a very good idea. Yes, and some teenagers, getting a passport, aspire to independence, including in the financial sector. But mixed with desire in front of them, the question arises: by whom can you work at age 14?


Mugs and sections for Teens in Moscow and SPb

In big cities such as Moscow or St. Petersburg, there is a huge variety of sports clubs and groups for teenagers. Undoubtedly, it is very good. Many adults think about how to involve teenagers in mugs and sections. Because we understand how important it is to protect teenagers from the harmful influence of the street and help him to stay healthy for many years.


How to become beautiful at the age of 14? As the girl become a beautiful, well-groomed and attractive

How to be attractive and beautiful? This issue is of concern to every woman regardless of her age. But often the answer is looking for teenage girls. Anyone who cares about the question how to become beautiful in 14 years, dedicated to this article. Here young readers will be able to find information on how to recognize your true self as to see all the beautiful things that nature from birth, learning how to emphasize their individuality.


How to survive adolescence

Adolescence begins approximately at the age of twelve and ends at eighteen. At the end of this stage all teenage boys, as a rule, fully formed personality and the process of individuation. The formation of his super-ego, that is, each has its own set of taboos, norms and values. In adolescence awaken hormones and biological transformation, which is the basis of all psychological changes.


Problems of adolescence and their decision

Adolescence is a period when our baby yesterday, and today an adult child is entering a new phase of his life. This period is the physiological changes the body, hormonal surges, the person becomes more sensitive and vulnerable, in other words – "farewell to childhood".

How to earn money on the Internet student: early start of career 0

How to earn money on the Internet student: early start of career

Money online is not easy even for adults. Not to mention the teenagers who are often not qualified and can't work full-time. But difficult does not mean impossible. And whoever of adolescence, learn to earn online in adult life will be to overtake their peers in terms of overall development and ability to "make money". How to earn money on the Internet student?


Signs of puberty in boys

The transition to adulthood in boys is a complex crisis period. Not only for kids but also for parents. Signs of puberty in boys are different, everyone has their own. We offer you to look into this topic in more detail.


Depression in adolescents: manifestations and treatment

The appearance of depression in adolescents may be associated with a variety of different reasons related to school, home, social status of students. The disease manifests itself in different symptoms, require treatment. Depression in adolescence requires attention from parents, can take dangerous forms, leading to suicide.


Who are the hipsters and how they differ from ordinary mortals

Surely you have repeatedly had to deal with the new-fangled word "hipster". The easiest way to correlate the movement of the hipsters with the concept of subculture. However, the question of who are the hipsters, it is possible to obtain many conflicting responses. Although none of them will have anything close to the term "subculture". Who are they really?