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Parasite! Parasite! Parasite! They are everywhere. Parasites are organisms that inhabit or interact with other organisms, do not help their hosts, and in most cases cause harm.

In veterinary medicine and ultimately in your homes, parasites cause significant problems for human and animal health. There are parasites outside of cats and dogs that can attack them. They are not left behind but may be more dangerous to the health of your pets. You can also get more information about bloodsucker Control by searching online.

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Fleas transmit life-threatening diseases to animals and humans. One of the most common tick diseases on Long Island is Lyme disease, which usually causes symptoms such as arthritis and fever. Fleas bite your animals and you, causing anemia, or low red blood cells. People do not know that the "black plague" is transmitted by fleas. !!

Internal parasites such as roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms, to name a few, can sometimes affect humans and animals in the same way, causing vomiting and diarrhea, abdominal pain, or worms from the mouth or back.

Keep in mind that any product purchased from sources other than your vet, including online pet stores, large chain stores, supermarkets, etc., may be counterfeit, ineffective, or worse. At worst, painful, dangerous, or fatal for you and your pet!

Talk to your vet about the right preventative medication at a competitive price to keep your furry friend and everyone else in the house healthy!

Parasites And Your Pets – What Should You Do?