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What is the succession of generations

What does the word "continuity"? This is an important link between the past, present and future, when elements of the past are preserved and transferred to the present. With the help of continuity from generation to generation passed on the family tradition, cultural background, social values.


Family as a social group and social institution

It is the most important social institution. Many professionals care about this issue, so they work hard to do her research. The remainder of this article will consider in more detail the definition, learn the functions and goals set by the government before the "cell of society". Below provides a classification and description of the main types. Consider also the basic elements of family and the role of social groups in society.


Dad can! What is the role of father for a child

Modern Papa is a man who puts family interests first. Is there a formula for perfect fatherhood? What it is – the perfect leader? Being a superhero is hard work. Let's congratulate fathers Day dad and thank you for the huge amount of mental effort they invest in their offspring.