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If you live or work in the speed control community, we have dozens of authorized Low-Speed Vehicles (LSV) and street-legal carts for sale. All models and models can be equipped so that they are approved for road and highway traffic, with a speed limit of 40 km/h to 35 km/h.

More than two decades ago, the first community-planned community for low-speed vehicle use in a slow-moving environment, connected the Magic Kingdom to shopping, dining, and recreational areas. Today, green cities, office parks, historic neighborhoods, and campuses of all kinds promote the use of official strollers, electric transit, and slow commercial vehicles for everyday use.

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Regardless of your need for an affordable electric vehicle, our expert staff will find a vehicle with the options and tools to get the job done. We have light loads with elevators for the gardener or maintenance team, and our slow vehicles have sealed insulated boxes that are great for food delivery.

Low-speed vehicles are not only one step ahead of traditional golf carts in terms of safety features, but they also offer enhanced functionality, flexibility, and style. 

If you want to carry a lot of passengers, we sell several low-speed electric vehicles with open sides that are suitable for transporting guests or touring facilities. A low-speed vehicle makes it easy for you to customize your street vehicle with parts and accessories directly from the manufacturer, eliminating the need to install customer service products that often need to be assembled.

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