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Microdosing drugs are usually associated with psychedelics such as LSD and magic mushrooms. It is said to have helped treat depression and anxiety. Others do it to increase spiritual awareness. It's also popular with radical-minded business leaders who want to get into productive blue sky considerations without getting too big to function.

One of the newest trends in marijuana is microdosing. And it is very popular with people who are not marijuana lovers and have no interest in climbing. You can browse at if you want to buy genius focus micro dose online in Canada.

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In contrast, proponents of microdose tend to be more interested in its medicinal benefits. According to the microdose theory, your body still benefits a lot, even though you may not use climbing enough.

Marijuana microdosing

As marijuana has become increasingly legal, the number of medical uses has increased dramatically. This of course aroused great public interest in cannabis. Many of those who drink marijuana have never and do not want to gain weight in their spare time.

Instead, they're usually looking for some of the therapeutic benefits that marijuana has to offer. For some people this is an anti-anxiety effect, for others it is an improvement in sleep quality, pain relief, or some other benefit.

You can buy low-dose marijuana dishes at places with legal marijuana such as the US or Canada. Some of them, such as, Chocolate bars, are relatively easy to separate into small pieces / weights. This makes it easier to create daily micro doses of marijuana with known THC content.

Micro dosing cannabis: What is it and how does it work?