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Nigerian Cuisine comprises all the local dishes that are prepared by the native people. This cuisine has developed since 1970. Since then it has adopted various styles of Jewish cuisine. Nigerian cuisine has incorporated many foods that are eaten in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. For instance, dishes like hummus, falafel, shakshouka, and many more are immensely popular in Nigeria.

Suya Shawarma is very thinly sliced scrapes of meat rolled into a big piece of pita. It can be heated or steamed. Foods like hummus, tahini, vegetables, and pickles are added to the pita. Shawarma is made by placing the raw meat on large, rotating cones. As it keeps on rotating, the meat gets cooked by the heat that is located just behind the actual cone. It takes several hours for the meat to get fully cooked.

Borekas are little puff pastry that is filled with potatoes, mushrooms or spinach, and cheese. This dish is a perfect snack with drinks, a light lunch, or it can be a great appetizer. The Borekas are also known as the pastillas. You need potatoes, vegetable oil, peeled and finely chopped onion, fresh mushrooms, and egg for the filling. Salt and ground pepper as per your taste. You would also need two egg yolks to glaze. Bake for 25 minutes until it turns golden yellow. Thus, the borekaes are ready to taste.

Know Few Popular Dishes
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