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The various types of online auctions are direct auctions, reserve auctions, private auctions, overstock auctions. Auctions with sealed bids online are known as private auctions.

An online auction involves purchasing and selling products through bidding and then selling the items to the bidder with the highest price on the internet. There are a variety of types of auctions on the internet, the most well-known being English auctions. To know more about online auctions, you can click on


In an English auction, there is a reserve amount is set for the item and buyers can offer larger and higher bids. In the end, the product is offered to the highest bidder. People offer various bid prices; the bidding is concluded when the highest bid has been made by an individual and there is no bidding following the fact. 

Once the hammer is struck, nobody can bid. In certain instances, if the reserve price has not been publicized, the bid will end in the event that no bidder will offer a price that is higher than the reserve value.

The auctions you hold privately are those that have the option of hiding the identities of bidders. That means that those who look at your auction site do not see any bidders who have placed bids on the item. 

Private auctions are best utilized in cases where an item is valuable and also to conceal the bidder's identities for items that may be embarrassing if someone saw their latest bids list.

Know About The Types of Online Auctions