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For most boat owners their boat was a favorite item, often of great sentimental value and, of course, value for money. Because of this, choosing a captain can be a difficult decision.

Ultimately, who you hire to deliver your yacht and maintenance of the yacht is up to you. Passion yachting on palm beach is very renowned for their yacht management services. However, the following tips can help you choose the most suitable captain for you.

yacht delivery

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The role of captain for yacht delivery

Obviously, it is important to understand the role of a captain when hiring a captain to deliver a cruise. The captain has the last command of the ship at the port of destination. Everything for the cruise ship is the responsibility of the shipping master, including:

  • Before leaving, they carry out pre-shipment checks and fully prepare for the trip.
  • route mapping.
  • Monitor weather conditions, canals and many other travel factors.
  • The captain manages all personnel on board, either directly (in small crews) or through his management team for larger ships.
  • The captain must keep a ship's certificate and complete all documentation to comply with customs and immigration laws.
  • The captain is responsible for cleanliness and fitness of the ship." He maintains the route of the ship.
  • The captain is responsible for the personal safety of everyone on board."
  • The captain is responsible for finances on the ship during the delivery time.
  • At the end of the voyage, the captain will submit a full report.
How To Find Right Yacht Delivery Captain On Palm Beach