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Double bunk beds are definitely a space-saving alternative great for those who have a large group of children at home, or just to save on space in an adult bunk bed. Some fun themes are pirates, princess, a pirate ship, and even a haunted house. If you're not an experienced woodworker, check out the following list and see if any catch your eye. Halloween princess and death. Spooky witches and skeletons. Halloween is a great time of year for these bunk bed sets, and they can be purchased in many different styles, colors, and prints to go along with the Halloween theme.

Some great options for double bunk beds that don't cost an arm and a leg are: loft, single, queen, and king. A loft is a type of bunk bed which is raised up from the ground and is typically found in kid's rooms. In addition to being raised up, some loft varieties are equipped with trundle systems, where you can store items underneath so that they're easily accessible.

A single bunk bed is designed to be used as a headboard on a regular bed. However, a woodworker might be able to find one which is designed to work as a footboard, and is raised up by two horizontal boards. One feature that you should consider is whether the wood has been treated with a moisture-resistant sealant. Also look for a woodworker who can explain the construction-grade hardware that is included in the lumber. This will ensure that no moisture will seep through, compromising the structural integrity of the bed.

Wood that has been treated with moisture resistant sealants is much more durable than untreated lumber. A good contractor will install the wood exactly the way it needs to be installed, including the double angle cuts in the corners of the loft play area. The wood will also have been treated using various protective finishes. If there are any screws or nails visible in the wood, these need to be properly concealed with the appropriate covering materials.

Make sure that the bunk bed frame has been prepped before the contractor begins installation. This includes the necessary hardware such as the screws and nails, as well as any structural details such as rafters, beams, or safety rails. Lofts usually come with their own rails can be incorporated into the bed if there are not safety rails already attached. The rails can either be concealed within the frame or can be installed outside of it. The wood on which the rails are to be placed should be treated with a moisture-resistant sealant, and any gaps should be sealed.

The actual structure that the bunk bed will be constructed from will dictate the type of wooden structure that will be used. In most cases, twin and full types are constructed using the same basic planks. The bottom part of the frame will have two levels and a ladder will allow access to the top half. 

If your bed is being constructed with rails, you should have the height of the top rail to equal that of the bottom rail. Most modern beds include safety rails. The safety rails should run along the perimeter of the frame and extend outwards towards the rest of the bunk. Make sure that all safety rails are mounted securely into place. If you are going with a wood, make sure that the grain of the wood matches that of the rest of the framing.

To create a comfortable mattress, utilize wooden slats to prop up the front and back of the sleeper. Wood has the ability to expand and contract, so it will conform to the shape of the sleeper as it expands or contracts. The closer they are to the center of the mattress, the more comfortable the sleeper will be. If you want to create some unique designs, make use of different colored wood and different sized slats.

How to Design a Double Bunk Bed
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