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You need to have a steady source of funds in order to invest in real property. It would be very difficult to get the financing you need if you aren't eligible for a bank loan. 

Florida hard money lending services can be a great alternative to banks and traditional lending institutions because they are always available to fund real estate investors who need financial assistance.

Why Do Hard Money Lenders Require a Down Payment?

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These non-traditional lenders offer hard money loans, or HMLs, as a form of financing. HMLs are asset-based, and hard money lenders base the decision on the property's after-repair value. They will lend money to clients if the property is attractive enough.

It is much easier to negotiate with hard money lenders than with institutionalized counterparts. You don't need to wait long to speak to the person responsible, unlike when you apply for bank loans in Florida. 

Here are some things you can do to find hard money lenders:

HML lenders don't have a storefront office, unlike mortgage companies and credit unions. HML lenders don't advertise with neon signs or flashing lights. Asking around is a great way to find them. You never know, your neighbor may be willing to lend you hard money.

Referrals can be made by your peers in the real estate investing industry. Many of them have worked with non-traditional lenders. They can help you find the right lender.

Surfing the Internet is a great way to find lenders online.


How to Deal with Hard Money Lenders in Florida