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The function of a compressor in air conditioning is to compress the refrigerant gas from low to high pressure and transfer it to the condenser. It's an important component of AC as it is responsible for colder air.

If it starts malfunctioning, you may see a hike in the electricity bill, sudden shutdown of the air conditioning, and hot air instead of cold. You can get the services of air conditioning in Australia via

That's why it becomes important to make sure that your compressor is working fine.

If it's not working fine or not working at all, you may need to get it replaced to enjoy cold air in the hot summer.

Now, you must be wondering "How much does it cost to replace a compressor in an air conditioner". Well, the answer is that you have to spend a lot. The exact cost depends on your AC type, additional issues, and the place you're living in.

Check if the compressor is releasing cool or lukewarm air

Check the compressor fan air with your bare hand. The purpose of the compressor is to transfer the hot and high-pressure gas from a room to the outside.

f your compressor is releasing cool or lukewarm air, it means there's some issue with your compressor. It's a clear signal that your compressor isn't compressing the gas.

Keep an eye on the electricity bill                                                         

If you aren't using enough Split Air Conditioning in your home and still getting a high electricity bill, it indicates that the compressor is worn out.

Keep an eye on the electricity bill as a malfunctioning compressor decreases the efficiency of the unit as a whole and doesn't operate accordingly on energy-saving mode too.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Compressor In An Air Conditioner In Australia?