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Repointing and pointing brickwork and stonework can be a labor-intensive task. Even though it might appear easy, it takes some expertise and perseverance to achieve the perfect finish that will complement the brickwork to its maximum potential.  You can also hire an expert for brick repointing in Sydney via

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It is recommended to utilize the assistance of local brickwork contractors who have the expertise and professionalism to ensure the best results. If you prefer to take the DIY option, look at a short guide below that will instruct you on the best method to follow for the process of repointing your brickwork.

In the beginning, you'll need to take out any mortar that is damaged or loose. There are a variety of methods to remove the old mortar that is done with a chisel for plugging or a tiny bolster. It is possible to be raked away using an instrument like a screwdriver, or something similar. This is a time-consuming process but there are other techniques and tools to aid in this process.

It is recommended that you reduce the joints down to 10mm at a minimum and then follow up by using wire brushes to clean any loose dust.

The right mortar mix to use is essential for the application as well as the final result.

The mortar mixture is made of straight cement and fine sand with a ratio of 1 to 6. Then, you can include dry hydrate that gives the mortar mixture less chance to shrink when it sets and helps in working with the mixture.

How is Brick Repointing Done In Sydney?