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Many people in Michigan are familiar with porcelain veneers. They have a remarkable resemblance and durability to natural teeth. A smile makeover that involves multiple veneers can cost as high as $1500 per tooth. This is beyond the means of most people's budget. Composite veneers can be used to correct smile imperfections such as chips, gaps, and discoloration.

Composite veneers can be made from the same material as fillings, but it has a different formulation to improve aesthetics and polish the surface. You can get composite veneers in Michigan at

composite veneers

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Composite restorations can result in a significant cost reduction for patients. Composite restorations are often made chairside. This means that the dentist does not have to pay lab fees and you can modify the final result as much as you like. 

In certain cases, indirect composite veneers may be more preferable. A lab technician can create veneers based on the patient's tooth structure if there is a greater surface area to be covered.

Composite veneers don't require as much preparation as porcelain restorations. The dentist will only need to remove a small amount of enamel depending on the shape of the teeth before layering the composite material. This is a great advantage in terms of postoperative comfort. 

Composite veneers are less sensitive than porcelain veneers and patients often complain of tooth sensitivity.

Get Composite Veneers For Your Smile Transformation in Michigan