What color of eyes will the child have?

As soon as the kid comes into this world, grandparents, friends and acquaintances, aunts and uncles and, of course, the newly-made parents themselves are wondering about who the crumb looks like. Whose nose, mouth, cheeks. And one of the main questions is: "What color of eyes will the child have?" Can a blue-eyed parent have a brown-eyed girl? Or a dark-eyed couple - a boy with blue eyes? Let's understand!


A multigenerational family: the pros and cons

Throughout a person's life, the question of the relationship between different generations was one of the key. Families are subdivided according to various typological characteristics, depending on the parameters being evaluated. Let's get acquainted with some types of family classification and consider what a multigenerational family is.


The grand nephews are

In ancient times it was customary to know their ancestors, honor their memory and remember the names of grandfather and grandmother of his grandfather and grandmother. Today, often people do not even know what kindred they are to each other and how this related relationship is properly called.


Genealogical tree of the Romanov dynasty: basic facts

The ruling dynasty of the Romanovs gave the country many brilliant kings and emperors. It is interesting that this name does not belong to all its representatives, the noble family Koshkins, Kobyliny, Miloslavskie, Naryshkin met in the family. The genealogical tree of the Romanov dynasty shows us that the history of this family originates in 1596. More details about it you can learn from this article.


Rare names - good or bad

In choosing a name, one should be guided by very important principles - how comfortable the child will feel among peers, whether it is consonant with the name and patronymic. Poorly comparable name and patronymic create inorganic character, violate the integrity of self-esteem and attract unforeseen situations.


What color will the eyes of children

A woman begins to imagine what her child will be like long before he is born. She tries to understand who he will be like, what will be the color of the future child's eyes. But the truth, let's find out what determines what the eyes of the baby will be.


Sister is a popular family character

The sister is such a correct and familiar word that nobody explains its meaning. Small children themselves already in 2-3 years, are able to tell others who such sisters are. But in the world this notion is connected not only with close kinship.


How to create a family tree

In order to visualize your gender, there is a genealogical tree. It should be compiled according to certain rules, which will be discussed in the article.


How to understand, my brother's wife - who she told me

Nowadays, when relatives are scattered around the globe and gather together only on the occasion of big events, the words "sister-in-law", "brother-in-law", "brother-in-law", "daughter-in-law", etc. many of us seem strange and absolutely incomprehensible. And yet, let's try to restore the names of family ties in our ancestral memory so that we do not have to guess later: "My brother's wife - who is she to me?"

Family coat of arms as a symbol of the family 0

Family coat of arms as a symbol of the family

The Middle Ages are one of the most unique epochs in world history. It was at this time that a lot of new traditions appeared, which since then have been sacredly observed by a large number of noble families. In particular, it is about the custom to create unique heraldic symbols for representatives of the higher strata of society. Since then, family emblems began to occupy a special place in the symbolism of every noble family.


Family pedigree

Recently, to restore the family tree has become fashionable. To help all comers come various computer programs and agencies. In this article, we will share how to compile the family tree (sample number 1) on our own, without resorting to the help of professionals.


How to compile a family tree

Sooner or later each person begins to be interested in their roots and think about how to make a family tree, and do it right. After walking a few simple steps and showing a certain perseverance, you can create your own family tree, see what a big family you have.

Family relationship 0

Family relationship

The family is a small cell of modern society. The values ​​of this institution are necessary for a person, because without them life becomes inferior, meager. In order to properly name all the numerous members of a large family, you need to understand the relationship.


What is the son's wife called?

The article provides useful information that will help you understand the intricacies of family ties, in particular in the most common status of a newly-wedded wife.


Native children: who looks like someone

It's done! The long-awaited two stripes of dough, symbolizing the increase in the rank of the pope at least to the junior sergeant and giving birth to a lot of questions in the brain troubled with happiness, the main one of which is who will be born? And the second in importance after "who" - who will it look like?

172 / genealogy 0

172 / genealogy

For centuries, names were given to people for a reason. Each person's name originally predicted his fate. All the names given had their own prehistory and were associated with the names of the gods of antiquity, or the meaning of the person was invested in the meaning of the name. It is believed that the origin of the name Dali originates from the mythology of Georgia.


What is estate? Estates of Ancient Rus and the Russian Empire

Estate is the result of class division of society. Belonging to a certain class has always been regulated by heredity. However, in some cases it is possible to enter a certain class of people (for example, to become a prince) for special merits or simply to buy a title for a round sum. What is the estate and what classes it shared - we will consider in this article.