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Pollution has become a major concern in the modern world. One of the causes of environmental pollution is exhaust fumes of various machines such as air conditioners, refrigerators, cars and others.

An efficient car exhaust system has the following elements you need to know:

1. Exhaust Manifold – The air coming out of your Invidia system is the exhaust system used for combustion in your car engine. Cars are usually made of cast iron, steel or aluminum. The main function of the cylinder is to draw in air and connect it to the cylinder head.

2. Oxygen Sensor – usually placed in the Car Exhaust pipe or in your Skunk2 racing manifold. This is especially necessary for cars running on modern fuels. The oxygen sensor helps regulate fuel consumption.

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3. Catalysts – They convert harmful gasses into water vapor. It converts hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide into water vapor and CO2. This results in less pollutant emissions. The catalyst is placed around the collector.

4. Cat-Back – The function of cat-back is to allow smooth gas flow with minimal back pressure. This point is important because of the bending of the pipe in the system.

5. Mufflers – Its main function is to reduce noise that occurs in the engine. The gas combustion that occurs in the engine consists of several explosions that produce very large noise.

Car Exhaust System – How Does it Work?