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Is bottled water better for you than tap water? This may depend on the quality of your public water supply. Violations of tap water standards are common, and even if they are reported to the public and not kept secret, some contaminants can enter without anyone knowing. If you want to get the services of bottled water, then you can search the web.

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Bottled water, by contrast, is regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration. There is a long list of standards for bottled water, as well as rules to follow for anything safe to drink because water is considered food. Oftentimes, the bottled water you drink must also meet the standards of the country in which it is made, as well as the various requirements set by the International Bottled Water Association. Unexpected bottling plant checks are common to make sure the water is as clean and clean as expected.

Since all of these standards and regulations need to be passed before it can leave the bottling factory, you might think that this is the only test being done to ensure bottled water is clean and drinkable. However, the FDA requires that all bottled water undergo a purification method during the bottling process. FDA regulations apply to all bottled water in the United States, including imported water.

There is another standard that all bottled water must meet before it can be sold and consumed. It must comply with standards of identity, quality, and good manufacturing practices. Each of the fifty countries also has its regulations on bottled water. Some countries check it both manually and by machine. Others do a taste test and have to verify the source of the water and then approve or reject it.

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