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Plastic surgeons have long known that reducing the size of large, heavy breasts causes increased back, neck and shoulder pain. Unfortunately, health insurance companies often disagree and, in the past, have placed a number of breast tissue that needs to be removed in order to be eligible for benefits. (more than 1000 grams).

This results in many women giving up on breast reduction or having to pay for this very useful operation from their own pockets. You can also look for the best breast reduction surgeon in Dallas for breast reduction surgery.

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A study recently published in the popular journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in September 2007 refutes the long-standing standard adopted by insurance companies for breast reduction.

The patients with breast reduction weighing less than 1,000 grams were examined for back, shoulder, and neck pain, as well as shoulder rashes and bumps.

However, not only does the pain diminish, but also the suitability of clothes and bras, participation in sports and ease of running are increased. This prospective study clearly shows that breast reduction of less than 1000 grams should be a fully recoverable procedure from your health insurance company.

I have never seen a patient after surgery, regardless of the amount of breast tissue removed during surgery, who did not see an immediate increase in pain caused by heavy breasts. In my opinion, relieving pain from breast reduction is very much due to the fact that the breast is placed higher on the chest wall than the weight lost.

Breast Reduction Surgery – Pain Relief At Any Size