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Selection on 38 week of pregnancy: possible causes

Every pregnant woman interested in the topic of childbirth. Future moms are worried about how will be the process. This is why they try to listen to ourselves and pay attention to even the most minor changes before birth. A lot in this period can explain the selection.


A useful exercise for pregnant women gymnastics, yoga, water aerobics

Lesson for pregnant women is an important part of preparation for future childbirth, and most importantly – the first way to maintain the health of mom and baby. Every woman during pregnancy at the same time and waits, and fears the day when her child will be born. Because of the friends and acquaintances she knows that childbirth is extremely painful and unpleasant process.


Myths about what not to do during pregnancy

The expectant mother is faced not only with problems related to health and the need to change the way of life, but also with the various fears she inspires the older generation. Most of them myths, superstitions, that have no facts. Consider the most common and plausible answers to the question about what not to do during pregnancy and why.


The first trimester is how many weeks? Nutrition in the first trimester

The news of the pregnancy often catches a woman by surprise since conception occurs much earlier than expectant mother finds out about this. At the moment when she finally realizes the fact that the future of motherhood in her womb is already actively formed microscopic organs, systems, structure and appearance of the child. This period is called the first trimester of pregnancy. In this regard, the question arises: "the First trimester is how many weeks?"


Can I use licorice root in pregnancy

Pregnancy is a joyful and exciting moment for every mommy. And even the most perfect pregnancy, there is always the risk of catching colds. While dangerous for the child can be both the course of disease and treatment, since all medications have an impact, even slight, on the development of the baby.


Rapid childbirth: causes and prevention

Arise rapid birth due to violations of the contractile function of the uterine walls. Initially, they can be protracted, with a bad opening of the cervix and fetal presentation. But then begins the rapid progress of the baby through the birth canal. The total time of delivery may be standard, but with a sharp reduction in bearing-down period. But for the joy of few reasons: they are not without complications.


Yoga for pregnant women (2nd trimester)

During pregnancy it is very important to keep yourself in good physical shape, because the front is expecting a tough test – delivery. In addition, physical activity will help to maintain beautiful figure after childbirth. What is the benefit the expectant mother will bring yoga and fitness and what exercises are best to perform?


When morning sickness ends in pregnancy

Pregnant ladies begin with a disgusted look on those products that are previously loved. They can irritate any smell, even quite pleasant, and being in a stuffy room can lead to fainting. Such an incident is called toxemia in pregnancy. When ends and the why begins is a condition knows, not every expectant mother. Let's deal.


What not to do during pregnancy? Truths and myths

Interesting is not synonymous with disease. However, the majority of pregnant women listening to the advice of mothers, grandmothers and girlfriends, deliberately limiting yourself in various pleasures of life, which is allegedly harmful. But not all the fears of moms-to-be have a real reason. Therefore, consider in detail what can and cannot be done during pregnancy.

What day is implantation of the embryo 0

What day is implantation of the embryo

What is embryo transfer? Is its penetration into the lining of the uterus, the endometrium. If this process ends successfully, the pregnancy starts to develop. What day is implantation of the embryo?

When you start to move the kids? Learn 0

When you start to move the kids? Learn

Only after learning that she is pregnant, a woman (especially if it the first time) asks the question: "When you start to move the kids?" This is a very anticipated day as a mom of a baby and the gynecologist who is watching her.